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Are a Few Huge Outcomes Distorting Financial Misconduct Research? by
A Response to “Are a Few Huge Outcomes Distorting Financial Misconduct Research?” by , , and
Is the United States an Outlier in Public Mass Shootings? A Comment on Adam Lankford by and
Confirmation That the United States Has Six Times Its Global Share of Public Mass Shooters, Courtesy of Lott and Moody’s Data by
Do Right to Carry Laws Increase Violent Crime? A Comment on Donohue, Aneja, and Weber by and
RTC Laws Increase Violent Crime: Moody and Marvell Have Missed the Target by , , and
Unforced Errors: Tennis Serve Data Tells Us Little About Loss Aversion by
Tennis Serve Data May Elude Some as Serves Get Too Fast by , , and
Why Did Milton Friedman Win the Nobel Prize? A Consideration of His Early Work on Stabilization Policy by and
Edmund Burke as an Economist by
Thoughts and Details on Scarcity by